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EasyLiving Films creates socially valued content focusing on South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.
Terroristic military invasion in Ukraine, Environmental issues, Human Rights, Trafficking, Child labor, Gender equality, Animal protection, and many other topics are our attention. We try to raise awareness and improve the world by creating documentaries, social videos, fiction movies, and advertisements.


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Our clients and partners


Sergiy Pudich - film director

   Sergiy Pudich is an acclaimed Ukrainian film and commercial director, producer, cinematographer, editor and screenwriter, recognised for his award-winning works.

  Throughout his career, Sergiy has assumed various pivotal roles on film sets, demonstrating his versatility and expertise. With a global footprint, Sergiy has worked on captivating projects across multiple countries, including Ukraine, Italy, the USA, Switzerland, Thailand, and China. 
  In Sergiy's director portfolio 10 short fiction movies, 3 documentaries, tens of music videos and hundreds commercial/social advertising. Works were selected for more than 300 festivals worldwide and received 50+ jury awards.


Train "Kyiv-War"

"The Train: Kyiv - War" is a full-length documentary film directed by Korniy Gricyuk. The dramatic story of the Kyiv-Kostyantynivka train, with its passengers' unique fates, pain, memories, secrets, hopes, is a history of today Ukraine. This film is the voice of ordinary people, the search for dialogue and the path to a common future, where everyone's voice will be heard.

Readmitted People in Ukraine

For over ten years, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has supported the Ukrainian Government in developing its migration and border management system for the benefit of the State and migrants. If you want to better understand what readmission means for people and hear the stories of migrants, watch the documentary "Readmitted People in Ukraine".

Social Campaigns

Social advertising and campaigns created with support of UN agencies, funds, embassies and NGOs.

Chain of Good

Viral social campaign to make people be kinder to each other. With the support of NGO Respublica and NGO Active citizenship we've created an multi-million views advertisement with the slogan "Changing the people - changing the country" which had huge effect and popularity on all media across Ukraine

Social power in Ukraine

The essence of this video is the importance of cooperation between the community and government for our common future. The campaign was produced by  EasyLiving Films for NGO "Institute Respublica" in collaboration with the Department of Kyiv National Police, with the support of the National Democratic Institute for International relations and financing of the US Agency for International Development.

What does "change" means?

The social campaign of NGO Active Citizens supported by USAID, Canada and NDI institutions in order to show the attitude to "changes" in the country by most recognisable activists in Ukraine. 

Hero of Nowadays

A multiple award-winning social advertising aiming to show people that everyone can be a hero if does his small things to environment on a daily basis.

Social activists portal

Media Campaign to attract attention of active citizens to use brand new website for collaborations between NGOs, government and media.

Fiction films

Filmography of the fiction movies produced by EasyLiving Films

What'a'Bucket (2021)

A young couple watches an old TV show where the detective reveals clues about the husband's cheating. Will they stay together or follow the detective's bits of advice and destroy their relationships?

The Barber (2020)

The brutal biker comes to the barbershop when it was already closed. He asks the barber to open it for him referring to the sign "Open till the last cut" on the door. The barber rejects the biker, but suddenly he agreed to take a haircut after seeing the earring in his ear.

Crabgirl (2018)

A young virgin guy does not manage to have sex with his beloved long-term girlfriend on his 23rd birthday. By putting an ultimatum on their relationship, he acknowledges the incredible truth beyond her rejection.

The Peeper (2022)

Strange things happened in the pole dance gym after the trainer caught a peeper behind the door.

The Creator (2020)

The scientist creating and training androids to be perfect in different skills: fighting, athletics, dancing, and. - painting. All droids improving themselves day by day, but an artistic one is standing where she was - Will Creator erase his work or leave her a chance?

Non e vero (2019)

A small girl bored while staying alone with her busy Grandpa in his house. She tries in any possible ways to grab his attention, but something goes wrong.

Amore, non e come pensi (2019)

Wife comes back home earlier and caught her husband in bed with another woman. In anger, she tries to kill him, but accidentally they hit the lover. Now they need to decide what to do with the body and how to cheat the police, that knocks on the door.

A Qualcuno Piace Asperttare (2023)

A young couple's love story unfolds alongside an old black-and-white movie, forcing them to confront doubts and fears as the girl navigates the delicate revelation. Will they overcome "on-screen tale" idealism and go by their path?