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The all-in-one video production company that specialised in commercials and films.

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EasyLiving Films is an award-winning film company that specialised in producing commercials, music videos and films. CEO and Founder of the company Sergiy Pudich - film director and producer. 


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Filmography of the movies produced by EasyLiving Films

Train "Kyiv-War"

"The Train: Kyiv - War" is a full-length documentary film that shows the voices of ordinary people in the train Kyiv-Kostyantynivka in 2019, before full-scale invasion of russian terrorist state to Ukraine. 

The Barber

The brutal biker comes to the barbershop when it was already closed. He asks the barber to open it for him referring to the sign "Open till the last cut" on the door. The barber rejects the biker, but suddenly he agreed to take a haircut after seeing the earring in his ear.


A young couple watches an old TV show where the detective reveals clues about the husband's cheating. Will they stay together or follow the detective's bits of advice and destroy their relationships?


A young virgin guy does not manage to have sex with his beloved long-term girlfriend on his 23rd birthday. By putting an ultimatum on their relationship, he acknowledges the incredible truth beyond her rejection.

Non e vero

A small girl bored while staying alone with her busy Grandpa in his house. She tries in any possible ways to grab his attention, but something goes wrong.

The Creator

The scientist creating and training androids to be perfect in different skills: fighting, athletics, dancing, and. - painting. All droids improving themselves day by day, but an artistic one is standing where she was - Will Creator erase his work or leave her a chance?

The Peeper

Strange things happened in the pole dance gym after the trainer caught a peeper behind the door.

Amore, non e come pensi

Wife comes back home earlier and caught her husband in bed with another woman. In anger, she tries to kill him, but accidentally they hit the lover. Now they need to decide what to do with the body and how to cheat the police, that knocks on the door.

Hunters for Metal

Two guys in search of metal in the forest and stumble upon an old spooky house, where they think they can find something worthwhile, but it turns out they are not alone.